Tick tweezers

Improving the user experience of removing a tick

As my Bachelor's Thesis I developed new kinds of tick tweezers. My family has two dogs and every dog owner knows what an annoyance ticks are. There are lots of different tweezers on the market but they are all only concentrated on removing the tick, not destroying it. Proper removal is obviously vital but destroying the tick carefully ensures that pathogens die, and you, your family and your pets are not getting Lyme disease or encephalitis. 

As Zeno tick tweezers were my thesis work, the project included comprehensive research about ticks, their biology, diseases and the user experiences about removing and destroying a tick.

Based on the background research I designed tick tweezers that remove and destroy a tick. Zeno tick tweezers are easy to use and they consist of two parts: a tweezer part and a body part. The body part moves along the tweezers when pushed slightly. When the on/off-button and its counterpart encounter, a lighter is turned on and burns the tick. 

How does it work?

  1. remove the tick using the tweezers
  2. push the body of the tweezers with your middle finger
  3. a lighter turns on when the on/off-button and its counterpart meet 
  4. hold for couple of seconds to burn the tick
  5. release and shake ashes away
  6. disinfect the skin and the tweezers