Interactive guide for immigrants

Solving challenges with service design methods

An interactive guide for immigrants was created in collaboration with Finnish Immigration Service. The brief was to get to know to the collaborative company and design a solution for some of the uprising problems using service design methods.

We found that the issues Finnish Immigration Service was dealing with were complex and the applying processes weren’t clear enough for immigrants from different backgrounds.

To solve this problem, an interactive guide was designed to be part of the website of Finnish Immigration Service. The visualisation aims to help not only the customers but also the employees to understand complicated processes by offering them clear steps with only the necessary information. 

Background research:

  • 2 visits to Finnish Immigration Service
  • customer journey mapping
  • end-user interviews
  • survey for people working in the phone customer service
  • analysing the customer satisfaction survey 


  • processes are complex
  • information is in many places
  • missing clear instructions and guidance
  • websites are not serving the customer well enough

Key findings:

  • a need to promote customers’ independent use of e-services
  • image issues are strongly related to the user experiences
  • a need to pay attention to customers’ own application processes 



Try Väylä interactive guide online! (Finnish citizenship is working completely; others are as reference)