Speaker upholstery

Telling a story and emphasising values with a fabric

Tailor-made is an upholstery design which was done in collaboration with speaker manufacturer Uploud Audio. It is tailored to fit perfectly for Uploud Audio’s UA1 speaker.

Tailor-made differs from Uploud Audio’s previous ”speakerwears” in countless ways. Using buttons instead of a zipper is a delicate solution which is aesthetic as well as functional and changes the pattern.

Material is elegant and soft Italian wool, generally used in men's suits. Tailor-made honours Uploud Audio’s values like transparency, honesty and craftsmanship; it emphasises the skills and the passion of a tailor. 

Details and inspiration

Tailor-made is inspired by the world of men’s suits. Carefully considered details make Tailor-made a gentleman itself. For instance, Tailor-made doesn’t feature lining, as it is meant to only show the greatest skills of a tailor. In addition, the undermost button is supposed to be left open as a sign of a real buttonhole - signalling quality and authenticity.

Although the source of inspiration is quite masculine, the visual appearance attracts women too. In fact, most women find a man wearing a suit charming... why not a speaker?