Water purifier for developing countries

Designing a plastic case to protect demanding technology

The target group of the water purifier was developing countries so it was vital that the price stayed low and the product itself was easy to use and maintain.

Our mission was to create a plastic case for certain components and the ready-made technology. The system purifies bacteria and contaminant through a process involving ultraviolet light and titanium oxide.

As per the parameters of the assignment, the product had to be mass producible, had to have a market price under 10 euros, work for a couple of years and be easily repairable. 

Emphasising usability and manufacturing process

Water streams because of the siphon pass through the device that gets its energy from sun. The container functions as a hanger too so that a user doesn’t have to consider where and how to hang the device. 

Water purifier consists of four plastic objects that are injection moulded. Symmetrical halves of the container are ultrasonic welded together.