Urban planning for the Upo Bridge

Bringing people together - to share and care

A real estate development and investment company Renor asked Design Foundation Finland to ideate new and innovative ideas and uses for the old industrial area around the Upo Bridge in Lahti. Our internship team of six designers explored the area, benchmarked bridges and other public areas globally and studied megatrends. Eventually, each of us created a concept.

The idea of my concept Kylä was to create a welcoming place that invites people to come and enjoy the company of others. A sense of community, feeling of togetherness, sharing as well as caring are in the core of the concept. As communality increases, the role of trust is emphasised. Technology enables trustful and social activities. 


In the area of Upo Bridge the main idea was that people don't need ready-made scenes in order to enjoy. People bring action with them and organise different public events. The area of Upo Bridge could serve as a place for pop-up cafes, open-air dances, park yoga or street music - whatever people feel like doing together. Materials play an essential role in public spaces, as flagstones and grass are more tempting than a bare asphalt.

In Kylä concept the bridge has been covered to reduce the noise and pollution of traffic. Covered bridge also works as an enormous screen that can be used for displaying advertisements or movies. 

Kylä got the 2nd place in the public voting. Read more about the project and concepts from Renor's press releases (in Finnish):

Introducing the project
Presenting the concepts