a roadmap for engaging citizens


Transforming 2500 resident Suomenoja into 17 000 resident Finnoo by 2030

Suomenoja is an area in Espoo that is going to go through a massive transformation when a metro station is built there. Suomenoja, an area known about its bird wetland, power plant and harbour will become Finnoo - a home for 17 000 people and a seaside living room for all. Our brief was to consider what factors make an area attractive.

Urban planning must be citizen-centred

When planning new areas things like architecture, infrastructure and zoning are essential. However, we believe the best urban planning is done together with citizens. We created a set of tools for the City of Espoo to engage with its citizens. 

To be able to create those tools, we did

  • rebriefing
  • desktop research
  • benchmarking
  • site visits
  • interviews with residents
  • a workshop
Working with a vision, principles and a roadmap

Our deliverable was a set of tools to engage with citizens. We created a vision to communicate what is the aimed outcome, principles to be shared by all stakeholders and a five-step roadmap to be followed to reach the vision. For each steps, we created one idea for citizen participation.